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fredag D. 03. december 2021, kl. 08.24
Gymnasiets to udvekslingselever, Marta og Giuseppe, rejser snart tilbage til Italien. Deres udvekslingsophold har budt på store oplevelser, fortæller de og takker alle, de har mødt på deres vej.

Marta Gallucci (2.abcm)

I’ve been in Denmark for four months by now and my experience is almost over.

Being an exchange can be hard sometimes, but is worth it. I’ve had the occasion to see different places, to meet lot of new people and to try new things. I feel like this journey made me change in a good way so much even if it wasn’t that long. Living fully in another culture can open points of view that I couldn’t ever imagine.

I can say that the things that I liked the most about Denmark are for sure the longs days in summer, the landscape, the school system and how everything is so efficient and well organized. Of course, also the people and their way of thinking. Just the weather is a bit too cold for me. I hope that I was able to leave something to the people that I’ve met, as they have left something to me.

I was so lucky to ended up here and I don’t feel ready to leave yet. But I will come back to visit for sure.

Thank you so much for everything!

Giuseppe Malaspina (2.abcm)

My experience here in Denmark will undoubtedly one of the most beautiful experience in my life and an experience that made me grow from all points of view.

Before leaving for Denmark I was afraid that I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t know If I’d be okay but as soon as I arrived my host family and my classmates made me feel at home.

In this 3 months I visit many city around Denmark and I was amazed by the great sense of civilization of people.

Among the things I will miss the most of Denmark there is the school that is completely different from the Italian one, where the Danish one is clearly better especially in relationship between teacher and student.

In conclusion I wanted to thank everyone for this beautiful experience and I hope someday to be able to return to visit you.